It’s That Time of Year

Well, we’ve had a rather trying year, but we’ve made to Christmas, whatever it may look like in your home. Normally, we take the decorations down the day after Boxing Day now our daughters no longer live at home. However, seeing as this year we find ourselves in tier 4 on Boxing Day, we’ve decided to keep the lights up to add some cheer to our home. I will also look at the background next time I photograph Alfie – the wires and plugs rather spoil the image!

I know there are several books from my wishlist waiting for me under the tree – I’m excited to see what they are! I will post a photo or two on Twitter @HemmieMM and Instagram hemmiemm at some point.

I hope you find some comfort, cheer, fun, love, and a cocktail or two over this festive period. I have a new cocktail glass so it would be rude not to use it.

Thank you for reading this – I appreciate your company.

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