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Genre Encore

I open The Writing Magazine April 2010, that is delivered once a month and what should I find, but an article on not worrying what genre or target audience you are writing for… Continue reading

Genre – Mark II

When an agent responded to my query by saying that they weren’t looking for y genre currently, it made me reflect on whether I had understood the concept of my genre totally –… Continue reading

Is it just me?

So far this week I’ve received no rejections – but I’m worried that they’ll all arrive in one swoop and I’ll crumble under the emotional strain – or perhaps I’ll have an alcoholic… Continue reading

I need distraction from the waiting game

My word, I’m at it again – checking and re-checking my emails to see if an agent has left me a favourable message. I suppose at least i haven’t had another rejection –… Continue reading

Just my luck

A friend advised me to look at the Predators & Editors sign and the agency that has shown an interest in me isn’t recommended – the shame is it doesn’t say exactly why.… Continue reading

Interest at last

I checked my email late last night to find that an agent had contacted me to request 3 chapters following my query email. I was initially excited at the thought of someone finally… Continue reading