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I have been pondering about genre these last few days. Since commencing the competition WIP that is more like a thriller, I’m not sure where I stand anymore. I thought women’s fiction was… Continue reading

A change is a good as a rest

I was feeling jaded the other day – hence no post – however, I have started another WIP, for a competition, that contains violence and tension and I’m loving it. It’s an outlet… Continue reading

Are Agents only seeking rose-tinted novels?

Whilst reading another blog, it reminded me of a time when I tested the waters with my first novel The Art of Rolling. Granted, it wasn’t a cheery novel – it followed only… Continue reading

Preserve my sanity and have a coffee.

I have that irritating twitch that keeps pressing the check my e-mail button. I am acting irrationally, as I can’t expect a reply for at least another week from the agents, and all… Continue reading


A big fat envelope dropped through the letterbox and my handwriting was on the front. I stopped for a minute to compose myself, but then I thought an agent wouldn’t return my synopsis… Continue reading

That Friday Feeling

Today was enlightening in that words flowed into my notepad, I started to edit onto laptop and I finally realised that thinking about hearing from an agent too often could only damage my… Continue reading