When characters lead the way

When I started the current WIP, I had written character cards detailing their appearance and habits. I had also detailed the plot and subplots as well as the denouement. For the first few… Continue reading

How much action can a reader take?

Whilst writing a psychological thriller, I am aware that the reader needs to feel tension mingled with periodic moments of action. However, the reader also needs periods of calm breathing and rest bite… Continue reading

It’s not a race – it’s all about pace

I have currently typed up 47,740 words on my WIP – Dark Edges – but I am mindful of the fact that I keep thinking the whole process is a race. There is… Continue reading

Finding my inner voice with music

Oh yes, I’m trying to write this whilst my daughters are watching the Gadget show – which I hate & which is infiltrating my inner calm – so this post may leave you… Continue reading

A novel way to drink

On my various travels through the learning process of writing, I read about a novel way to ignite the muse and fire -up the vocabulary and imagination juices. I like many others, enjoy… Continue reading

My muse is a minx

Fellow tweepees may have seen that my muse is playing hide & seek and i have no hope of finding her today – as with yesterday. So i thought I’d turn my attention… Continue reading