Nailing the viewpoint

My current WIP, a psychological thriller, moves around viewpoint wise, from an overview to following certain individuals. I have been writing this one in such a manner as I didn’t want to use… Continue reading

Showing & Telling

I didn’t realise how time consuming having a blog was. Life outside of writing eats into precious time like a ravaging tornado. I have been focusing on current WIP – psychological thriller –… Continue reading

The Power of Positive Thinking

I was reading Scott Mariani’s book – How to write a thriller – when I came across the chapter The Power of Positive Thinking. it suited my downward trending mood as i was… Continue reading

Dear Diary Ramblings

I keep reading in articles and text books to “never give up” “persistence is the key” and “it took me 10yrs but I made it”. Yes, yes I say to myself with a… Continue reading

Define yourself – I’m Black Romance

I picked up an old copy (2009) of Writing Magazine and read a article on the debut novelist Hilary Dixon. Apparently, she read in the Guardian about the dearth of love stories in… Continue reading

Perfect characters

A couple of times, readers reviewing Almost an Affair said that they were unsure whether they liked the main protagonist, Celia. To be fair, I find it hard to really get to know… Continue reading