Thoughts of the day

I’m enjoying as I’ve reviewed 2 pieces of work, so 2 more to go then I can read what others have said about mine. On reading the works, I realised how well… Continue reading

Being brave & getting out there

I have often pondered about using the site but I was rather unsure about the site and my own ability in writing. Through Twitter I follow mutually James K and he’s already… Continue reading

The Joys of Twitter

A rejection letter flopped through the letterbox and I was instantaneously transported to failures-ville, thinking that my genre didn’t fit in and that I was unmarketable – poor me syndrome kicking in. I… Continue reading

On God’s Front Lawn – a taster

I thought I’d give you dear readers a taster of my novel that I finally sent to a few agents after a lot of work and re-working. Chapter OneMoving to the coast seemed… Continue reading

Genre Encore

I open The Writing Magazine April 2010, that is delivered once a month and what should I find, but an article on not worrying what genre or target audience you are writing for… Continue reading

Genre – Mark II

When an agent responded to my query by saying that they weren’t looking for y genre currently, it made me reflect on whether I had understood the concept of my genre totally –… Continue reading