When the confidence goes – what to do?

I have sadly been struck by the ‘I am a pants writer’ disease. It has nibbled away at me for a few days before erupting into the full blown disease. I have hidden… Continue reading

Almost an Affair – start of chapter one

I want to copy & paste, but it wouldn’t work, not even my teenage daughter could help me, so I am typing the first part to wet your appetite. Chapter one.Celia gazed at… Continue reading

Almost an Affair – WIP – taster

Call me impetuous, but I’ve uploaded my current WIP – Almost an Affair – onto youwritecom Why another novel on the site I hear you cry – well, I thought it might be… Continue reading

On God’s Front Lawn – 1st review on YW,com

I had eagerly awaited my 1st review on youwrite.com and when it arrived yesterday, I soaked up every word of advise. The first 3 chapters was given 3 stars out of 5, which… Continue reading

Thoughts of the day

I’m enjoying youwrite.com as I’ve reviewed 2 pieces of work, so 2 more to go then I can read what others have said about mine. On reading the works, I realised how well… Continue reading

Being brave & getting out there

I have often pondered about using the site youwrite.com but I was rather unsure about the site and my own ability in writing. Through Twitter I follow mutually James K and he’s already… Continue reading