Moving Forward

As another end of year rapidly approaches, I find myself reflecting on what has been, good and bad, and what I hope is to come in the New Year. As a child, I… Continue reading


 A Page Turning Protagonist Kathryn Mattingly’s earliest memories are of reading. As a young girl she found Steinbeck’s The Red Pony to be a pivotal moment in her childhood. It affected her so… Continue reading

Too Much of a Good Thing

Is there ever a time this phrase makes sense? Personally, too much sunshine and heat, too much sleep, and too much alcohol would ring true with me. It might make sense for you… Continue reading


I composed this blog post whilst sitting on the balcony in a hotel in Turkey, two days prior to returning to Britain, where I knew I’d be bombarded by life and social media… Continue reading

Time is the Enemy

I now find myself in a home devoid of children, as both have left for university, but still with hubs who is semi-retired but still working as a nurse. Therefore, I’m in a… Continue reading

Writing Dark Characters

The most fun I have when writing is creating dark characters. I prefer the term ‘dark’ to ‘bad’ as I believe everyone has an element of darkness within, whereas ‘bad’ seem to imply… Continue reading