My Top Six Writing Tips

1) Don’t over-think your first draft, just write. It’s too easy to get lost in sentence structure and precise vocabulary, but you can tweak that later. Just get your story down. Be mindful… Continue reading

The Pleasures of Writing

Writing brings me an enormous amount of joy. It absorbs me, it can be therapeutic (when it’s flowing smoothly), and it allows me to explore other emotions and circumstances I would not necessarily experience… Continue reading


As I sit here writing this blog post, my mind is being bombarded by the voices of the characters in the novel I’m currently re-writing/editing, ideas burgeoning for the next novel, and the… Continue reading

Influences of my Youth

Of course I’m talking about authors, not groups such as ABBA and Queen – so that’s what happened to my dress sense in my youth, those that know me will say. I lived… Continue reading

Sanity Kills Creativity

I was talking to a fellow author on Twitter, and I mentioned I’d go insane if I could not write, but then I added sanity kills creativity.  So what do I mean? My… Continue reading


I’ll be attending the Second City Book Signing event in Birmingham on the 18th July 2015 in the St Andrews stadium. Please follow the link to see more details, and to buy tickets.… Continue reading