Time is the Enemy

I now find myself in a home devoid of children, as both have left for university, but still with hubs who is semi-retired but still working as a nurse. Therefore, I’m in a… Continue reading

Writing Dark Characters

The most fun I have when writing is creating dark characters. I prefer the term ‘dark’ to ‘bad’ as I believe everyone has an element of darkness within, whereas ‘bad’ seem to imply… Continue reading

The Crime Writers’ Association

The observant amongst you will have noticed the new badge on this site, Member of The Crime Writers’ Association, of which I am very proud. I hesitated to apply to this society due… Continue reading

Second City Book Signing Event 2015

On Saturday 18th July 2015, I attended the Second City Signing Event at St Andrews Birmingham City Football Stadium, and what a day it was, although marred for some who were stuck on… Continue reading

BookViral Review

Here is a review for my latest DI Eva Wednesday novel, ‘Shadows in the Mind’. It has been entered into the Bookviral 2015 Book Award, and I would truly appreciate your vote, should… Continue reading

Second City Signing

In twenty days time, I’ll be sitting in the St Andrews Birmingham City Football Stadium, at a table covered in piles of my five novels, with free bookmarks and sweets to give away,… Continue reading