Wasted Emotions for Writers #2

Where’s The Time Mr Wolf? Finding the time to write is always tricky if you live with other people, have a job, have a social life, have an illness…let’s face it, life in… Continue reading

Garlic & Gauloises Blog Tour

Although I have seven books published by Winter Goose Publishing, I’ve never entered the Blog Tour arena, I’ve just never felt brave enough. I was daunted by the complexity of organising one and… Continue reading

The Woes of Wednesday

I originally wrote ‘In the Light of Madness’ as a stand-alone crime novel, featuring DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox, but I found I had an affinity with her, and being without… Continue reading

Making Connections

The Essex Author Book Signing Event in June 2016 was my third author event, and as with the last two, there’s an element of excitement and trepidation coursing through me, and  only when… Continue reading

Middle Page Dread

The début of a novel is exciting to write; we’re venturing out into an imaginary world where we’re in charge (until the characters wrestle that away from us with a dramatic flourish), and… Continue reading

The Writing Journey

When I’m writing a crime novel, I devise a mind-map to ensure that the red herrings, time lines, and clues are all available for the reader to find and follow. The mind-map ends… Continue reading