The Reluctant Mother

May I introduce you to the cover of my latest contemporary novel – ‘The Reluctant Mother’, due to be released on the 7th May 2017. Postnatal psychosis strips Colette of her early time… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

This is me New Year’s Eve, welcoming in 2017 and all the possibilities that come with the dawning of a brand new year – which will hopefully be brighter and more positive in… Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year

Last night, I finally finished the second round of editing a new novel, allowing the veil of mist to clear from my eyes, to notice the Christmas tree is up and the house… Continue reading

For The Love of Dog

Last night my desire to have a dog sitting at my feet whilst writing, was very strong. Instead, I had to placate myself with my large soft toy dog, called Daphne – although… Continue reading

Adding Depth to a Character

  A great way to add depth and realism to a character is to use the five senses – put the reader in touch with the mechanics of your character’s body – let… Continue reading

My Writing Day

‘What does your writing day look like?’ I am sometimes asked; a question that prickles me with anxiety as I ponder the sporadic hours I write, or don’t write, as the case may… Continue reading