For The Love of Dog

Last night my desire to have a dog sitting at my feet whilst writing, was very strong. Instead, I had to placate myself with my large soft toy dog, called Daphne – although… Continue reading

Adding Depth to a Character

  A great way to add depth and realism to a character is to use the five senses – put the reader in touch with the mechanics of your character’s body – let… Continue reading

My Writing Day

‘What does your writing day look like?’ I am sometimes asked; a question that prickles me with anxiety as I ponder the sporadic hours I write, or don’t write, as the case may… Continue reading

Wasted Emotions for Writers #2

Where’s The Time Mr Wolf? Finding the time to write is always tricky if you live with other people, have a job, have a social life, have an illness…let’s face it, life in… Continue reading

Garlic & Gauloises Blog Tour

Although I have seven books published by Winter Goose Publishing, I’ve never entered the Blog Tour arena, I’ve just never felt brave enough. I was daunted by the complexity of organising one and… Continue reading

The Woes of Wednesday

I originally wrote ‘In the Light of Madness’ as a stand-alone crime novel, featuring DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox, but I found I had an affinity with her, and being without… Continue reading