Start Small

When I’m writing, I hope to convey every nuance of humanity, every vision of nature, and every observation of the people I’ve seen in the supermarket, pub, or during a walk. But that’s… Continue reading

The First Line

‘The ability to trust in the difficult. The tenacity to understand that it takes time and patience to succeed.’ Colm McCann, novelist and professor of creative writing. It wasn’t until a couple of… Continue reading

Darker Book Signing Event

Whilst I acknowledge we’re due summer (hopefully) before this book event in October, I wanted to raise your awareness as there are only 20 weeks to go – frightening how time flies. As… Continue reading

Working From Home

People always say how lucky I am to work from home, and in many ways I am. I only have to travel downstairs to get to work, the fridge always has something in… Continue reading

Stepping Away

Step away from your desk, and invariable inspiration will strike – at least that’s how it is for me. I went to watch a fabulous rock covers band in a beautiful pub, last… Continue reading

Reading Your Own Work

I finished reading a wonderful novel today – In Her Wake, by Amanda Jennings – and I set about writing a review. Whilst ready to give my 5 star rating, I noticed a… Continue reading