The joy of reading

Since moving house and emptying most of the boxes, my hunger for reading has thankfully returned. Whilst lost within the pages of a novel, I feel harnessed with power and knowledge by absorbing… Continue reading


I can’t believe we’re mid-March already, where is this year going? I suppose I have a lot going on, which may explain the phenomenon. Firstly, and most excitingly, we’re moving to the Suffolk/Norfolk… Continue reading

Hybrid Author

I have always shied away from self publishing, as I feared my writing may not be good enough, and I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a writer. Now, after having eight books published… Continue reading


Sometimes I struggle to find a topic for a blog post, so I trawl through my saved images from Unsplash, and find one that inspires or speaks to me. Inspiration is often a… Continue reading

Peterborough Book Signing 2017

This was my fifth author event, second hosted by the wonderful Hourglass ladies, so I thought I might feel a little less nervous and more excited – but a little thread of anxiety… Continue reading

My Writing Day with Alfie

Since acquiring a 7 week old rescue kitten, Alfie, late July, my writing day has somewhat shifted its equilibrium – I’m not complaining, you understand… I am delightfully (are you feeling the sarcasm?)… Continue reading