Preserve my sanity and have a coffee.

I have that irritating twitch that keeps pressing the check my e-mail button. I am acting irrationally, as I can’t expect a reply for at least another week from the agents, and all… Continue reading


A big fat envelope dropped through the letterbox and my handwriting was on the front. I stopped for a minute to compose myself, but then I thought an agent wouldn’t return my synopsis… Continue reading

That Friday Feeling

Today was enlightening in that words flowed into my notepad, I started to edit onto laptop and I finally realised that thinking about hearing from an agent too often could only damage my… Continue reading

The day I lost my flow-jo

Life generally got in the way this morning, but by 11am, I was into the groove with Ch3. Words were flowing, ideas were stimulating every brain cell and mugs of fresh coffee were… Continue reading

Not enough hours in the day

Words flowed freely earlier today, although I found myself embroiled with one character whom I thought was only a bit part. He has managed to get himself quite a good role which will… Continue reading

White Rabbits

Today has been a moderately successful day so far and the weather is inspirational and beautiful although a little on the chilly side. I thought I’d let you know how I go about… Continue reading